Ballroom Dance Shoes Heel Guide

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Dance Shoe Heel Types

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Ballroom Dance shoes heel types

Ballroom Dance Shoes Heel Guide:

Your ballroom shoes should fit you comfortably and finding the best dance shoe might take a little time, but since you will pay more than a hundred dollars for a dance lesson, it is wise to take your time before buying your new pair of ballroom shoes. The point to remember  is that they are not made like regular shoes. Ballroom shoes are built differently and take time to get used to or to break in. The difference between ballroom shoes and regular shoes is in the sole of the shoes that is flexible allowing the dancer to glide on the dance floor. The heels of ballroom shoes look like wine goblets. The top of the heel is wide and narrows slightly flaring at the bottom . Usually the heel is a little more than two inches in height.

Ballroom heels are sold according to type. If the shoe is advertised as having a Latin heel, it will be a thin heel that require time and experience to walk in let alone to dance in. There are slightly heavier heels that allow the dancer more support and are call a Spanish heel. A Spanish heel is sometime sold on shoes that are advertised as having Cuban heels. These heels are sturdier and about two inches in height. There are other heels used in ballroom shoes like the international dance shoe heel. These heels are flared at the bottom, narrow in the center and firmly fitted to the heel of the shoe.

The heels on male ballroom shoes are different. The difference is in the shape of the heel and in the size of the heel. Most male dancing shoe heels are one inch in height but they vary and some male dancing shoe heels can be as high as two inches in height.

The average guide to ballroom dancing heels is to buy a shoe with a heel that the dancer can comfortably work in as dancing is different from walking. The size of the heel should be chosen according to the wearer, the costume and experience the dancer has had in wearing ballroom shoes. As a quick point of reference, women can look at their bedroom slippers with thin heels and imagine dancing in them. Of course, ballroom dancing heels offer more support and comfort to the dancer.




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